Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just like.. the Chronicle of Narnia

“After Edmund eat a sweet from the White Witch,

he is totally under her control.

Peter, Susan and Lucy run and hide

form the White Witch’s chasing them.

Fortunately, they meet Father Christmas

who gave them the magical oil, weapons, shield, and horn

that they can cure, fight, protect, and call for help in the battle.

Then they encounter Aslan who is revealed as a huge and noble lion

Aslan promises to help Edmund in any way he can.

Aslan approaches the Stone Table where he is killed by the White Witch

In the morning he is resurrected because

"there is a magic deeper still the White Witch does not know"

Finally, Aslan arrives and kills the Witch,

freeing more victims of the White Witch's spell”.

And those victims never want to turn back!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Contextualized Music (Thai-Loa-Western)

Ranad is Thai traditional musical instrument.

It is now played with the western band.

....Let's try listening to;

with Bangkok Symphony orchestra Conducted by Shardad Rohani BSO

Ranad contest (from the movie "โหมโรง" THE OVERTUNE)

Ranad & Piano (from the movie "โหมโรง"

Psalm 121

A song of soul to thank you Lord "My helps" come from you

From Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir "My Help" Psalms 121

Reflective Judgment

"The Reflective Judgment Model
describes development in reasoning about such issues in late adolescence through adulthood"

All is quoted from;

The Thinker; bronze statue by Auguste Rodin

-Piaget (1960, 1970 [1956], 1974): assumptions of stage-related development; the processes of assimilation and accommodation account for changes in the conceptual structures used to understand the world

-Kegan (1982, 1994):
evolution of the self; interpersonal relationships as a developmental continuum

Love Letter

Hi, it's ME, your God.
I gave the 10 Commandments not to shame you but to tell you who you are to me.
  1. I promise to be faithful and committed to you. I know you' re faithful and committed to Me too, no one else
  2. I live in you. You are the perfect reflection of Me.
  3. You can call me "Dad". You are My daughter.
  4. I will always finish what I start. Stop Worrying. You can trust Me.
  5. They love you... really, they do.
  6. You' re not a murderer.
  7. You're not an adulterer
  8. You' re not a thief.
  9. You' re not a liar.
  10. What do you not have that I have not provided for you? Please tell Me if I have not given you enough.
(Exodus 20)
I love you.

Yours Truly,

God, Father

Taken from Andrea Yang's handout in Ladies' fellowship, Nov 2009

If you love Thai Food
Authentic Thai Food Recipes online

Enjoy your cooking and tell me, what did you try?

Walking on the duckweed

30 years ago,
on one Sunday in summer,
my whole family went to our land in suburb

It was a garden full of mango trees and coconut trees. The first time that all of us were excited to see the garden and pick the fruits.

As the youngest child, I desired to lead, to be a pioneer

“Come, come, follow me, I' ll show you the path”

I confidently walked and joyously sang

“la la la...ha ha.”...selah (silence in Psalm)

“ me” (quiet)

Without experience! My body sunk into the slush.(a garden gutter)

“What’s up?” My brother gave me his hands.

I climbed up with the duckweed in that embarrassing moment.

They laughed at me along the way back home, but we had fun